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Wolfman Sativa Project

True Bambu

after years of phenotype searching a high cbd/high thc quality producing sativa has been found. Inbred for 5 seasons now. reliable and great yielding harvesting by Oct. 5th. this is a pheno of "Mendo Johnny's Pina"(pronounced pinya) pineapple x sticky mongo x early girl. with a spicy aresnic smell with a hint of pineapple, great yields, great flavor, and fairly stable. approx. 50% will be this very pheno. 30% will be an early sour fruity smelling pheno, and the rest pure pineapple taste and smell.All are keepers. Grown Yearly at altitudes over 3200' in the Hills of far Northern California.The Bambu started out 5 seasons ago as only 4 out of nearly 75 sisters. Isolation of the pure Bambu pheno to 100% is the goal of this project.