Bvd - Pina -X- O.G. Kush 

As we all know finishing times can be a problem in many regions when using Sour Deisels and O.G.'s. The finishing time is much more manageable with the addition of the BVD-PINA as a father with the Ocean Grown O.G. mother. With the BVD genes the Fuel(O.G.) smell is true breeding and you will retain it in a high percentage of the progeny. Finally an O.G. in seed form that smells right, yields high quality buds, and finishes on time by oct. 10th.



SFV o.g.

Skywalker O.G.

ChemDawg 91

Underdawg O.G. (loompa cut)

Girl Scout Cookies

Bambu (pina pheno)

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  This strain started originally when i brought back a ,"Platinum O.G. Kush" from a collective in Hollywood. They swore by its genes and we were all chasing O.G.'s of sorts at that time. I had it for years and crossed it with everything, but the fuel smell never came out.

   Upon doing a little genetic research i realized why it wasn't coming through.I began to look for early landraces to try to find some pre-holland un-adultered seed to continue my search for a good male. Yes i said it! pre-holland...yes they fucked the seeds up, and their genes are shit! and after spending well over 10k in 10 yrs buying stock from all the reputable retailers i feel I'm uniquely qualified to say it!

   Uncle Larry gifted me some affie seeds from old So-Hum stock, exclusive to Nor-Cal, from the first time the U.S. was in Afghanastan. I pulled a male from a pool of 10, he was super stinky for a male. i crossed him with the platinum and walla! i got quite a group of phenos, some hashy smell, some citrus like, and some fuel.

   Now that the fuel was true breeding, i crossed a select boy of the U.L.AFF -x- Platinum O.G. with my cut only sour diesel. this was the first of the B.V.D. and showed heavy sativa, lots of purple(60%), and the same smell ratios as before. after five years of inbreeding she is super stable, very large, heavy on the sativa side, and mostly fuel in the smell types. She repeatedly tests at over 20% thc... I love her dearly...



Johnny is a character...I first met him and always liked him from the get go. He came to work on P.T.'s ranch and his ability to get shit done was second to none.

   He's from the coast, and for those guys its all about finishing on time and beating the grey mold to the punch. So they had been selectively breeding down there for some time. He would talk so confidently about his three strains that never let him down. Of those Three i took a real liking to 2 of them, the "pina" and the "kashmere"...

   the pina is a three way cross of pineapple -x- (sticky mongo -x- early girl). It is truly something special, Yeilds like a blue dream, and finishes in good time to beat molds and frosts. There were quite a few phenotypes in this three way, but one to me stood out above all, the rare "Bambu", my second favorite being the pure pineapple phenotypes(the majority), and the other being the sour fruit phenotypes.



   If ever there was an Indica sativa hybrid to rival the "Bubba" kush its the kashmere. Bigger, Stronger, and seriously impressive she is a fat leaved behemoth of a woman.

   With her classic kushy flavor and strong smell, she is a pleasure to work with. she yields in good time before molds or frost, and produces huge crystal laden nugs of AAA quality. Super stable and true breeding.

Bvd -x- Kashmere Kush

One of J.D.'s pet projects. BVD or Big Valley Diesel was J.D.'s five year inbreeding of Uncle Larry's original Afghani,a Platinum O.G. Kush, and a Sour Diesel. inbred every year for five seasons. The first year only 20% smelled of fuel. Now weve got that to over 90% of the progeny. She is a tall thin leafed  sativa with a good yield of heavy crystalized fuelly buds.

Kashmere Kush was another of Mendo Johnnys seeds. It Is a true so-cal style, fat leaf, indica, with a heavy musky incense smell ala Master, Bubba, or L.A. Confidential Kush. Huge Crystal laden nugs and Timely Yield. The Blend of the Two is a perfect union with all of the progeny having either a sour fuelly or masterish smell and the kashmere upping the bud size and density substantially.

she finishes with a bang no later than oct 10th.

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