private Patient Collective, Seed Bank, agricultural, and mmj Real estate consultants


P.T. Wolf

History of a Ganja Guru

"Truly i started out as a professional arborist and landscaper. I grew bagseed from mexi bricks before the homegrown kind bud market really ever took off. Seeing a 14' sativa creeping up over the fence was not uncommon in my backyard in those days. That was the mid 80's.

   I moved up to the triangle pre-215 and proceeded to get busy in all things green! I continued to landscape. My passion for growing has Taken me from So-cal, to Mendocino, Humboldt, even Hawaii, and I've made great buds everywhere ive ever been. I helped to implement the medical program in Mendocino county alongside sherrif Tony Craver when 215 was first passed. we were writing policy as we lived it back then the rest of the state thought we were crazy. I was working at Kind Food Farms, the first licensed medical farm in Mendo, we had ordered a state of the art N.F.T. hydro system for 28-1000wt lights. it cost well over 60 grand. We had to call P.G.&E. and ask them for a special transformer capable of handling our 28k hydroponic grow and 8k veg room. We told them it was for a county permitted marijuana farm. They came out the next week and put it in. we were the first in the state to ever be blatantly honest with the power company that i know of. It was all new back then.

    The company who made our set up sent down two consultants to help us put it together. Thats when i met J.D. . We hit it off immediately and traded some awesome genetics.  weather or not we worked together we always got in touch each season and trade seeds, then it became clones, elite cut onlys, and original landraces. and we've been together on and off ever since."  - P.T.Wolf

J.D. Kronyk

History of a Ganja Guru

"I started out growing small time in 1994 and soon moved to the emerald triangle where i began guerilla farming outdoors...i just have never really stopped. I was heavily immersed in the indoor grow industry in the late 90's. My interests soon focused on Indoor farming and genetic seed production. Back then it was Dj's Blueberry, triple x skunk, ultra skunk, romulan, and I had these mad crazy NL-5-x-Chitral crosses I had made, a beautiful hawaiin, the e-32 trainwreck from Eric Von-Heimstat himself as well as some stuff I just called "KronyK". Guys like Eric V.H., Tom Hill, P.T.Wolf, Mendo Johnny(Johnny Potseed), and Ringo, they will never get the credit they deserve...

   Now its the Subcool's, the Bog's , Rez , Arjan, and the like, all sucking the teet of the eager public and the limelight. I've spent over 10k over the years on new genetics, first from Holland, what a fucking scam, mostly hermaphrodite trash seeds, and then watched as the entire industry put on the "Dutch Scam Suit" and began ripping off folks every way possible. From the Seeds both here and abroad, to the Hydro stores and their "must have" products, The Sub-Par collective dispensary's, and now to the "Cannabis Colleges, Grow Degrees, and Their supposed Master growers and Consultants". The Entire Industry is a Fucking Scam! 

   Now im twenty years into this, but the Farming Aspect, it still never gets old. I believe in honesty and hard work. Thats all you will get out of me...I love to farm inside, outside, full sun, greenhouse, mmj, food, trees, or whatever. Having been an indoor/outdoor garden tech, ballast repairman, and greenhouse tech I've got to say...Its something Ive never really lost my passion for..."

- J.D. Kronyk