OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE Grown EVERYWHERE – Nor cal to So cal - Indoor to outdoor - Soil to hydro - always encouraging Organics. 

Our professional staff includes two seasoned vetrans with over 40 years of growing experience between them, a professional landscape and nursery technician, a retired arborist, and a licensed Real Estate Agent.  


We consult on both agriculture as well as Real Estate acquisition. having the right recipe, as well as the right property is paramount to your success.

Collective Meds members, both growers and patients freely associate, sharing knowledge, techniques, and genetics in a true community fashion.


private Patient Collective, Seed Bank, agricultural, and mmj Real estate consultants



  • On-site evaluation and consulting
  • Strain identification 
  • Fresh Start training
  • Strain acquisition
  • real estate consulting

We identify technology, training, and Techniques to take your garden to the next level. 




Collective Meds delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction, THC, CBD levels, and Yields are at an all-time high!” - J.Stontz @ The Variety MMJ Collective


Collective Meds members adhere to a strict, "like value to like value" trade policy. Having the right genetics for both your location and your patients is a life saver!